Welcome to the Children's Community Library.

Welcome to our Library, designed and built with impressive community funding help, we are proud of the facillities we can offer in our library for young and old alike. All children ages 0-16 are welcome to become members, but it doesn't stop there......

Clapham Children's Centre run a weekly tots n toddlers 'Rhyme and Story Time' on Wednesday Mornings 9:30a.m. - 10:00a.m. 

Middle School Children jump off their bus and pop in to use our great ICT facillities for homework. 

We welcome groups af all sizes and ages who would love to learn. Want to know how to use computers ? Baffled by Microsoft? Think windows are transparent panes in walls? Just give us a call and we will timetable you in, you never know, our friendly teachers may agree to run a learning session for you or your group.

Our Library is Free to all.  

Our ICT Suite is available to all.........