Common Questions and Answers .

My child/ren are poorly, what do I do? 

The crucial and key thing to do is to contact the school ,preferably by 9a.m.,

this is because schools are responsible for your child's welfare during the school day

one of our key roles is to know where your child is.

The school number is 01234 771252

My child needs regular medication during school time, what do I do ? 

ALL Medication must be authorised by you as the parent,

this means that you will need to complete a medicines permission form 

( available to download on our downloads page) 

ALL medicines must be brought into school by a responsible adult,

it must never be left in the care of our children.

If your child is being transported to a school event by another parent,

please ensure that the adult in charge takes control of any medication,

this includes inhalers and epi-pens. 

I need to bring my child into school where do I park ? 

The car park is very limited, we have only a few parking spaces available and these are needed by staff.

The school does have a safe place for parents to park behind the village hall.

You can then follow the pedestrian path down to the rear of the school. 

How do I pay for trips, meals and uniform? 

The school has an external ,secured post box by the playground, this post box is useful for all correspondance.

Please ensure all correspondance to the school is in a sealed labelled envelope.

If you are paying by cheque: Meals are made payable to 'Caterlink' ,

Trips are made payable to 'Bedford Borough' and

Uniform is payable to 'Thurleigh Lower School'. 

I am concerned about something, what do I do next ?  

The person that is most in contact with your child/ren during the school day is your child/rens class teacher.

This means that they are normally the best person to contact if you have any concerns or worries.

Please help us by understanding that the start of a school day is a very busy time for class teachers, therefore,

it is always better to chat to the relevant teacher at the end of a school day.

If you are concerned that your child may have a Special Educational Need ,

still talk to your class teacher in the first instance ,

the co-ordinator for Special Educational Needs is Mrs Slaughter-Penney. 

I need to take my child out of school on a school day, what do I do? 

If your child needs to be away from the school during school time e.g. to attend a sporting competition,

you will need to complete an application form to Mrs Slaughter-Penney for a 'Leave of Absence'(available on our downloads page).

Leave from school is only authorised in exceptional circumstances,

so please ensure you provide as much evidence as you can emphasising your need to remove your child during school time.

e.g. appointment letters / letters from employers explaining your own leave restrictions / sporting or drama club letters.

Leave will not be granted during key assessment times - late May / June.